Your Business is a Great Story.

Let us be your storyteller.

Why Clients Hire Us?

The reality is that the process of hiring a Recruit is a whole lot different than hiring an Applicant.

Recruiting for many firms relies on a broadcast approach that solicits Applicants that are actively looking to leave bad situations. More often than not this approach yields “good enough” candidates that are usually perpetually looking and often does not result in a long-term successful hire.

Clients hire us to execute a well-defined targeted and collaborative recruiting process that is surgical and precise and puts in place next generation long term high impact Healthcare A/E/C leaders.

Our Recruits are well respected in the industry, content and relatively satisfied with their current situations and are not actively seeking another opportunity. These Recruits, however, are aspirational and do not necessarily see themselves finishing their careers with their current employer. Presented with an interesting and compelling opportunity they will listen and engage with Sanford Rose Associates.


Passive sought after Professionals are compelled by Stories not by Job Postings.

Our process starts onsite by learning about our client’s great story. We then take what we have learned about our client and the great opportunity directly to the best fit candidates in our network of relationships. That network, developed over 18 years, is comprised of current and next generation healthcare design and construction leadership.

We cast the vision, sell the sizzle, pique the interest, ask and answer a lot of questions and after a period of time deliver a slate of vetted candidates open to exploring a conversation with our client. When the interview process commences, we coach and counsel our clients through each of the numerous meetings and discussions with the Recruit as these meetings in most cases ultimately determines if the Recruit has been persuaded. As we say, “we help our clients become really good recruiters”.

Taking a passive coveted Recruit from an initial exploratory conversation, through making the decision to leave a good job and take the risk with a new job is a very heavy lift.

We help our clients with that lift.

Enhancing Healthcare
One Hire at a Time

Healthcare buildings are complex and will only going to get more complex in the future. Designing and building these spaces requires individuals adept at developing and implementing concepts that will represent built solutions that promote the healing process through the building’s design and performance.

The future of healthcare is changing as it shifts from a focus on volume to a focus on value. At the core of this shift is people, individuals skilled and passionate enough to be part of the change.

The Healthcare Design & Construction Practice at Sanford Rose Associates has unprecedented access to these change agents, thought leaders and for more than 18 years has partnered with leading healthcare A/E/C clients to fill senior level strategic roles throughout the U.S.


The Healthcare Design & Construction Practice has been serving leading Healthcare AEC clients for 18 years.


Sanford Rose Associates is the 9th largest Retained Executive Search Firm in the United States


Average # of Healthcare A/E/C Leaders placed each year by the Sanford Rose Associates Healthcare Design & Construction Practice


The number of candidates placed by the Sanford Rose Associates Healthcare Design & Construction Practice in 18 years that did not last with clients at least one year. (<2%)


Number of Sanford Rose Associates Healthcare Design & Construction Practice placements in 18 years that have been promoted to executive leadership, i.e., CEO, COO, EVP.


ASHE PDC & Healthcare Design Conferences attended by the Sanford Rose Associates Healthcare Design Practice since 2006.

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